Home Think Tank, launched in 2007, is a collaboration of agency partners dedicated to creating safe, accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities. The group holds roundtables, trainings and other events for families and people with disabilities to learn more about housing. Click here to see documents from previous events.

Key participants include advocates, family members, planners, architects, Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME), People Working Cooperatively, residential provider organizations and many others.

Home Think Tank has linked local developers with people with disabilities interested in homeownership, promoted visitability standards at events like CitiRama, trained realtors and housing inspectors on the rights and responsibilities of tenants, provided input to city and county officials, assisted families with housing planning and more.

See our 2019 Goals here.

Contact Hamilton County DD Services Housing Coordinator Debbie Greenebaum, (513) 559-6688 or debbie.greenebaum@hamiltondds.org, for more information.