The Future Is Now -- New sessions for 2019

The Future is Now is a multi-part series designed to help older caregivers and their family members make plans for the future. Throughout the series, families get help to create a letter of intent. A letter of intent is a non-legal document that captures family desires and goals for the future. Creating a letter of intent can help families gain peace of mind that comes with having a plan.

Each session offers an opportunity to learn about important topics to create the Letter of Intent:

1. Naming hopes, dreams, and worries for the future

2. Strengthening and expanding personal networks of friends and supporters

3. Identifying desired future living arrangements

4. Making the most of public benefits over the lifespan (SSI/SSDI/Social Security)

5. Identifying supports and services for older caregivers

When is it?

  • Four evening sessions in September - 17, 19, 24, AND 26 from 6-8:30 P.M. at Starfire, 5030 Oaklawn Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45227
  • Please make sure you can attend ALL sessions before registering
The Future is Now series will be offered multiple times in 2019, with additional dates to be announced in the future. 

To Register contact Dawn at (513) 559-6814 or

Who can attend?

These sessions are specifically designed for families that include a member with a disability whose caregiver is age 60 or older. All members of the family are encouraged to attend, including caregivers, the family member with a disability, siblings, and close family friends.

How will it work?

Sessions will be hosted by a family member and a person with a disability who have had training and experience planning for the future. Participation will be limited to ten families.

Breakout sessions, co-led by an advocacy team will be offered for the family members with a disability. Caregivers will have their own session. An expert speaker will present each session on the topics listed above. Family members will have a chance to ask questions and interact with one another.

To RSVP contact Dawn at (513) 559-6814 or


If you attended a past session of the Future Is Now, you can download the Letter of Intent here.

UCEDD also provides valuable training and resources. You can see their 2019 Transition Bootcamp Booster Session calendar here.

Funded by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act