You Can Do It: Finding and Keeping a Job

The video “You Can Do It: Finding and Keeping a Job” gives viewers real-life examples of people with developmental disabilities who succeeded in finding jobs important to them. You will hear personal stories from four people who found success at different times in their lives, illustrating the spectrum of places on the Path to Employment. Perseverance and planning play a key role in moving forward in all these stories.

A discussion guide, like the video itself, focuses on each personal story. It allows job seekers, family members and other supporters to examine all of the personal stories and/or give attention to an individual story that best reflects their current situation. Click here to download it

This guide can help start or continue the conversation about employment by encouraging users to explore ideas and perspectives that might lead to new insights or actions. Each question is designed to facilitate discussion, and the “right” answer can only be determined by each participant’s situation. Users are encouraged to pick questions to spark useful conversation.