Jul 3, 2015

My ADA story

I have been inspired by the American’s with Disabilities Act; I hope you will be as well. Whatever your goals and dreams are you can achieve them. As long as we continue to fight for equality we will be successful.

The ADA and The Empowerment it has Given Me

The ADA has assisted me with completing my education. I had lost my faith in the educational system, which was responsible for teaching people with disabilities the same information as people without disabilities. When I was 17, school was no longer a priority for me, so I dropped out.

Later in life, with the support of friends and family, I was inspired to pursue my GED. The ADA was an important piece of legislation that provided me the accommodations to take the GED orally and pass all five parts. In 2000 I was blessed to be able to attend The University of Cincinnati, with the support of Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.

Knowing the ADA gave me an equal opportunity to complete my Social Work degree empowered me to continue even though I encounter barriers. Some of the obstacles I faced were: I could not read printed materials like all of the other students; and I needed to learn the computer in order to complete my homework during the school year.

I had access to accommodations like extra time on exams, note takers, and students who would read books to me. I also had support with my mother’s friends who read books on tapes as well. This is only a small look at what the ADA has helped me achieve in my life.


How has the ADA impacted your life? Send your stories to lisa.danford@hamiltondds.org

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