Sep 8, 2015

Important decision about our future direction

For a few years, you have been hearing about several state and national issues driving significant change to the traditional ways services have been delivered for more than 40 years. Those issues include:
  • Ohio Department of DD's (DODD) response to Gov. John Kasich's Employment First Initiative requiring every person served to be on the path of community employment
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2014 rule eliminating funding for segregated services
  • The CMS requirement that a provider of services cannot also be a provider of case management
  • The Department of Justice's ongoing legal enforcement of the Supreme Court's Olmstead Decision of 1999 and ADA of 1990, which require services to be provided in community settings instead of segregated settings
At tonight's Board meeting, we took a first step to fulfill our responsibility to continue serving people with disabilities in the midst of these driving forces of change. This step involves consolidating the four adult centers we currently operate into three. Specific information about this decision is below. More details are posted on our website,
Thank you for everything you do to support people with disabilities, and for your ongoing care and patience as we walk together through this and what is yet to come. I know you will join me in keeping each person's individual needs at the forefront, as well as our vision and mission of community integration.
Alice C. Pavey
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