Adult Programs & Centers

The consolidation of Jackson Adult Center with Beckman, Franks and Kidd is complete. Click here for more information about that decision.

Three adult centers for adults with the most significant disabilities offer three options: work all day, work part of the day and activities part of the day, or all day activities.

If an individual chooses to work, they will be employed by General Assembly, Inc. performing various tasks to earn a paycheck. Work may involve sorting, packing, bagging or light assembly, depending on what work is available from local companies. All work is supervised to help individuals earn as much as they can, learn new skills, do their job with accuracy, and be sure they get paid for the work they do.

If an individual wants a day activity that does not include working, staff will learn about their interests to plan meaningful activities. Some examples are academics, art, cooking, computers, exercise, gardening, games, making friends, and music.

Adult centers are located across the county, and individuals attend the one closest to them. 

Chris Miller, General Manager of General Assembly, Inc.
(513) 559-6959

Melissa Morelli, General Manager of Adult Services
(513) 559-6972

Elmer P. Beckman Adult Center- directions
Manager Tom Ciulla
2600 Civic Center Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Phone: (513) 742-1576

Robert W. Franks Adult Center- directions
Manager Mollie Jimmar
5884 Bridgetown Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
Phone: (513) 598-2965

Thomas H. Kidd Adult Center- directions
Manager Wes Birkhold
9910 Reading Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
Phone: (513) 563-2500

Click here to see the 2017 Adult Services Calendar.

The business arm of the adult centers is called General Assembly, Inc. (GA). Sales representatives work with companies to find work opportunities for individuals in the centers. Visit the GA website at

Agency-operated adult centers are not the only option for adults in Hamilton County. Check out the provider search for other adult day and evening programs in Hamilton County.