MUIP Investigators' Perspective

​This short video provides a very clear window into the investigative world of the Major Unusual Incidents and Prevention Unit and our efforts to get individuals safe and keep them safe.  Not all incidents are the result of crimes, abuse, or neglect, etc.  However, MUIP conducts over 1200 formal, “Major” investigations a year and another 2000-3000 reviews into other serious concerns.  By the time a Major Unusual Incident gets to the MUIP Unit, something highly adverse has already occurred.  Thus, the aim of this video is to raise awareness and commitment well beyond our MUIP Unit so that individuals with disabilities have wide ranging, “vigilant”, and active support from their entire communities. As we work in partnership, effective “prevention” will occur more and more often such that crimes and adverse events are greatly reduced and in many cases eliminated.  Even one, will make a huge difference to any individual who faces incidents such as those depicted in the videos.

~ Eric A. Metzger – Director of MUIP