Alice Pavey

Oversees all agency staff, services and functions

Reach Alice by email at Alice.Pavey@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 794-3300.



Office of Budget and Administrative Operations
Rick Ratterman, Director

Business Services, Human Resources, Information Technology

Reach Rick by email at Rick.Ratterman@hamiltondds.org  or by phone at (513) 559-6830.



Human Resources
Shawn Garver, Director

Personnel functions, including recruitment and hiring of employees, maintaining employee files, administering employee compensation and benefits and developing and maintaining the Personnel Policy manual

Reach Shawn by email at Shawn.Garver@hamiltondds.org  or by phone at(513) 559-6667.


Information Technology
Brian Knight, Director

Computing network, servers and databases, email, telephones, enterprise applications, PC hardware and software, Help Desk, assistive technology, smart phones, and technology training

Reach Brian by email at brian.knight@hamiltondds.org  or by phone at(513) 559-6778.


Office of Medicaid, Contracts and SSA
Jennifer Becknell, Director

Funding & Contracts, Benefits, Service and Support Administration (formerly Service Facilitation), Psychology Services and Behavior Support.

Reach Jennifer by email at Jennifer.Becknell@hamiltondds.org  or by phone at (513) 559-6626.


Service and Support Administration
Melissa Haas, Director

Primary point of service coordination within HCDDS. Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) help individuals served find and connect with services and supports in the community.

Reach Melissa by email at Melissa.Haas@hamiltondds.org  or by phone at (513) 559-6886.


Office of Integrated Services
Matt Briner, Director

Employment, Transition, Early Intervention, Adult Centers, Schools, General Assembly.

Reach Matt by email at Matt.Briner@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 559-6768.


Office of Planning Innovation and Quality
Dawn Freudenberg, Director

Quality Improvement, Provider Relations & Compliance, Advocacy Support, Family Relations, Community Relations and Integration

Reach Dawn by email at Dawn.Freudenberg@hamiltondds.org  or by phone at (513) 559-6814..


Advocacy Support
John Romer, Director

People served improve their advocacy skills by working with legislators, the community and others to spurn community change. Learn more at the Advocacy page. 

Reach John by email at John.Romer@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 559-6720.


Community Relations
Ryan Braun, Director

Public information and public awareness, including media relations, a speaker's bureau, publications, events, and web site

Reach Ryan by email at RyanJ.Braun@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 559-6649.



Innovation and Quality
Eric Metzger, Director

Create, gather and act on ideas that lead to high potential opportunities for integrated connections, good service, compassion, dignity and respect for all people served.

Reach Eric by email at Eric.Metzger@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 559-6695.


Office of Inclusion and Collaboration
Kristee Griffith, Director

Introduction and Eligibility, Waiting List, Employee Engagement, Diversity and Staff Development

Reach Kristee by email at Kristee.Griffith@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 559-6870.


Major Unusual Incident and Prevention
Jennie Flowers, Director

Investigation and prevention of incidents that adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Reach Jennie by email at Jennie.Flowers@hamiltondds.org or by phone at (513) 559-6664.