The agency and provider partners offer many opportunities for families. Please check our calendar for upcoming events for families. Also, our news page often has items of interest and stories for families.

Our series called "Families in the Know" is for new and veteran families. It features informational meetings throughout the year on topics including employment, waivers, planning for the future and benefits. To learn more, click here.

The Link Line is a phone number that you as a parent, friend or family member can call and get the answers you need to your questions. It can be about services, getting started, or anything you're curious about! The number is (513) 559-6637.

New Family Welcome is for families that are newly-eligible for services. If you have just started receiving services, you will be contacted about this. 

Common Threads Network is a collaboration with Butler, Clermont and Warren counties to support families with issues that they identify and need more information about. Trainings for families are offered on a quarterly basis. Click here for information on upcoming sessions. 

For more information on any of these groups, contact Lynne Calloway at (513) 559-6637 or Kristee Griffith at (513) 559-6870.

A Home Think Tank for families concerned with housing issues of people with disabilities is also supported by the agency. Learn more about the Home Think Tank here, or by contacting Debbie Greenebaum.

Each of the agency's adult centers and schools offer parent groups. Contact the center or school directly for meeting information. 

Many of the agency's partner organizations offer active parent support groups, such as the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati, The Spina Bifida Association and, United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cincinnati, the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati. Please contact these organizations for more information. 

Our active advocacy department meets four times monthly, and our safety committee focuses on preparation for individuals in case of an emergency. We have a provider search feature, which helps you choose which provider you'd like to work with, and there is an active family support program.

Also, please be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events!

If you have any other questions, or need help getting pointed in the right direction, please let us know at contactus@hamiltondds.org