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If you or another person with a disability you know is a victim of abuse, neglect, theft, a crime, etc, the Major Unusual Incident and Prevention (MUIP) Department is here to help. 

First, remove yourself and/or the individual with disabilities from harm, which may include calling 911. 

As of Aug. 1, the new MUI Reporting Hotline is active by calling (513) 559-6629. This reporting line will allow staff, providers, and/or others to report an MUI through a voicemail system; there will also be the option to speak with a HCDDS staff if immediate assistance is needed 24 hours a day/7 days per week. 

Click here for written details of how to report an MUI using this new system, reporting procedures, and required information needed when reporting.  By implementing this system, we hope this will streamline the reporting process by assisting you with ensuring that notifications are made to the MUI Department as required per rule, while ensuring the health and welfare of the individuals we serve. 

If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact Jennie Flowers

24-hour hotline: (513) 794-3308.

This line is operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During off-hours, an on-call Hamilton County DD Services employee will call you back as soon as possible. 

You can also get emergency assistance from:

Ohio Department of DD: 1-866-313- 6733


Please access the DODD website for Health and Welfare related information, including, but not limited to MUI rule, training materials, etc.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders:

Disability Training for Emergency Planners: Serving People with Disabilities

Disability Training for First Responders: Serving People with Disabilities

Category C Forms for Providers and SSA/SFs:

Law Enforcement (Charged, Incarcerated, Arrested) Form

Unapproved Behavior Support Form

Unscheduled Hospitalization Form

Also provided are HCDDS Specific Tools:

Definitions Grid (excel document)

Directions on how to open encrypted emails from HCDDS

Fall Prevention – Music and Memory Concepts

HC Coalition to Stop Fraud, Scams and Abuse - Comprehensive Plan

Investigations and Closure Grid (excel document)

MUIP Investigators' Perspective (Video)

MUI Report Form - Type and Email Version

MUI Rule 2013 Reporting Grid (excel document)

MUIP Web Clip-App for You!

Neglect Scenarios for MUIP Training

Prevention Plan

Project Care Related MUI Determination Pcd

Prone Restraints Ban Letter

Tips for Law Enforcement Responders – re Individuals with Autism

Well-Informed Newletter - October 2014

Stop Disability Abuse - Part 1

Stop Disability Abuse - Part 2

Analysis Guiding Document

Analysis Schedule

Analysis Tips Agency

Analysis Tips CB as Providers

Analysis Tips Independent Provider

How to Log into the Data Warehouse

Semi Annual ReviewF orm-Indep

Semi or Annua lReview Form-Agency

Provider Analysis Reports

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