Rights Of People With Disabilities

 The Rights of People with Disabilities

To be treated with respect

To live in a safe place

To have food that is good for you

To go to the church of your choice

To get medical treatment

To get special help

To have people teach you

To be alone when you want

To talk to anyone you want

To have your own things

To have friends

To do things you want

To work and make money

To be treated like everyone else

To not be hit or called names

To learn, make friends and do things in the community

To make choices about your life

To ask someone to help

To buy things you want or need with your own money

To say “yes” or “no” to people that want to talk about or look at your personal files

To tell people if you do not like something

To not be restrained or given medicine if you do not need it

To have the right to vote

To say “no” if you do not want to be in a study or experiment

To take your medication on your own, or with some help if it is safe for you