Services and Supports

Service and Support Administration

A Service and Support Administrator (SSA) is what Hamilton County DD Services calls a case manager or service coordinator. They are a staff person who helps a child with disabilities create a life plan with assistance from the person's family and other people in his or her life. SSAs get to know families and help them identify dreams for the future. This is an ongoing process, not just a one-time meeting.

Individuals who receive services paid for with waivers are required to work with an SSA. If an individual receives services that are not paid for with a waiver, parents may chose whether or not to work with an SSA.

Click here to learn more about the role of your SSA within Hamilton County DD Services.

My Plan

If a child has a waiver, they must have a My Plan. The My Plan outlines goals and dreams of the child and his family and is reviewed once a year. If a child does not have a waiver or an SSA, they are not required to have a My Plan.


Waivers are funding sources that allow people with disabilities to receive services in the community. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities administers the waivers, but a person can receive only one.

The different waiver types are: Individual Options (I/O), Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF Waiver), Level 1 Waiver and the Transitions Developmental Disabilities Waiver (TDD), though the TDD waiver is no longer accepting new enrollees. Each waiver has various funding levels and available services. 

To learn more about the different types of waivers, please visit the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website.

Hamilton County DD Services has a waiting list for all waivers. This means many people want the service and you may have to wait before receiving the service. People on the waiting list are served in the order they were placed on the list.

Individuals who meet specific criteria for priority categories may receive services soone. Please talk to your SSA for more information about the waiting list and other services offered by the agency.


Providers are organizations contracted by Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services that provide services for people with disabilities. Services can include housing, personal care, supported employment, day programs, transportation, respite and more. 

SSAs and other agency staff can help you through the process of finding and working with a provider. However, staff cannot choose a provider for an individual served. You can use the provider search to find a provider. Information on how to interview a provider can be found on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website.