5 Questions with Vernon Jackson sarah March 20, 2024

5 Questions with Vernon Jackson

Owner of Noble Barber & Beauty and founder of The Gifted Event
MY LIFE MAGAZINE - Spring 2024
How did you get into this field? 

I’m licensed as a cosmetologist. In high school, they were recruiting kids and a teacher said, “you might want to check out this program.” I toured the campus and gravitated to the environment. Initially, I didn’t have the desire to own my own shop because I was focused on being a poet and author. But eventually I knew I couldn’t be renting a chair—I had to be the owner.  

What is The Gifted Event? 

I needed a space where I could dedicate time to the population of my clients who were on the (autism) spectrum or who needed a little bit more time, more attention, and more patience. I had a conversation with a friend and then decided to do The Gifted Event on the third Monday of each month.

One of your Gifted Event videos went viral last year. What was that like?  

Going viral—it’s a hell of a monster but it’s a beautiful one. It shows you that you’re not alone in what you love and enjoy. You also get to literally see how you impact people. My inbox was full of parents, grandparents and people with disabilities who were grateful to have representation, to be seen, and to see their story. You have a black male with a child with Down syndrome sharing an authentic human experience, and no one is thinking about what the difference is. We’re laughing and there’s joy.    

Who inspires you?  

The kids. When I meet them, especially the ones that are having a hard time, they see and feel my energy. You can see them working through an experience that they are not comfortable with at all. They’re leaning into me with trust. That really matters and inspires me to go harder for them.    

What are some of your favorite spots in Cincinnati? 

For fine dining, Bocait’s a treat to myself. I also love going to Nostalgia jazz bar, and Ghost Baby.  

A man seated in a chair inside his barber shop, Noble Barber and Beauty.