Our Values

We’re guided by our core values in everything we do. Whether designing new programs, weighing difficult decisions, or completing daily tasks, these values inform every action we take and serve as the foundation of our organization.


We value bold thinking and encourage the exploration of innovative solutions. We focus on improving outcomes every day and seek to be a catalyst for positive change in in our community.


As a public agency, we are fully accountable to all of our stakeholders. We conduct all business with the upmost integrity by being transparent, trustworthy, and fiscally responsible.


We are most successful when all team members have contributed their gifts and worked together to create positive outcomes. In every endeavor, we promote and pursue collaboration among our stakeholders.


We believe everyone has unique strengths, experiences, and perspectives. We value these differences and strive to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


We believe that everyone deserves to be valued and treated justly. We treat all people with fairness and work to make it possible for everyone to have the opportunity for full and vibrant participation in their communities.