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Click below to read the Hamilton County DD Services annual Report to the Community, which includes financial information, statistics about our services, success stories, and more.


Annual Plan

Our 2023 Annual Plan identifies goals and action steps for the year. Each goal is rooted in our Strategic Plan and represents concrete steps toward our long term objectives.


Strategic Plan

Our three-year strategic plan (2022-2024) includes four focus areas that allow us to respond to the needs of our stakeholders and position Hamilton County DD Services for the future.

My Life Magazine

Informational Postcards

These postcards are often handed out at community events
or to partner agencies and include brief overviews of our various services.
All our postcards are available in Spanish and can be translated into other languages by request. 

HCDDS services - overview
Eligibility Process
Early Intervention
School-age Services
Transition Services
Service & Support Administration
Integration & Advocacy
Support Navigation

Disability Language Style Guide

The Disability Language Style Guide is a community resource and a collaborative effort among people with disabilities and organizations in Southwest Ohio that support and empower people with disabilities. The interactive Disability Language Style Guide website provides information to encourage the use of inclusive language.