Act of Service lisadanford June 14, 2023

Act of Service

At its June 13 meeting, our Board honored Corporal Michael Hatter of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for his selfless services to a person with developmental disabilities in their time of need.

In the early morning hours of April 26, Corporal Hatter was working an off-duty detail in downtown Cincinnati when he recognized that a young adult with a developmental disability needed help to get home. Corporal Hatter helped this person charge their phone, spoke with their Service and Support Administrator, and, when no other options were available, paid for a cab to ensure this person made it home safely.

“We’re there to help serve, protect, and assist,” Hatter said. “I didn’t do it for any type of recognition. It’s doing what is right as a human and a person. Hopefully anyone who would encounter someone in need will step up.”

HCDDS is grateful for Corporal Hatter’s extraordinary act of service that night, said Superintendent Leia Snyder. going above and beyond the requirements of his detail that night. “This person was in a very difficult position and had no options to get home. Corporal Hatter went above and beyond the requirements of his detail that night to prevent a potentially dangerous situation,” she said.  

Our Board presented Corporal Hatter with a proclamation and a custom-made art piece from Visionaries + Voices artist Michael Ginn.

“The actions of Corporal Hatter stand as an example to others in our community,” said Alan Abes, HCDDS Board Vice President. “Each of us has the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. As a parent, I’m hopeful that Corporal Hatter will inspire others to make our region more welcoming and inclusive for people with disabilities.” 

Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey said officers are committed to serving our community with accountability, transparency, dignity, and respect. “What Corporal Hatter did to go above and beyond for this young person is exactly what our mission represents. We are very proud of the Corporal’s service and grateful for this acknowledgement,” she said.  

Members of the HCDDS Board and Superintendent Leia Snyder smile with Corporal Michael Hatter, who is holding a framed proclamation.
Corporal Michael Hatter and Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Kyla Woods smile. They are outside and holding a patriotic collage with an eagle and flag that says Proud to Be An American.
Sheriff's Office Corporal Michael Hatter shakes hands with HCDDS Board vice president Alan Abes. Superintendent Leia Snyder stands to the right.