Family Support Ryan Braun June 26, 2019

Family Support

A supportive community is critical to a good life for all age groups, from babies to seniors. Hamilton County DD Services believes families play a key role in creating a vision for the best life for their family members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our three-year strategic plan emphasizes family engagement as a top priority. We have a dedicated team to help families envision a good life for their loved one and build a long-range, concrete life plan.

We recognize “family” is a broad term that can include parents, siblings, grandparents, extended families and others, and we work to bridge the gap between disability-based supports and natural supports in the community.

Hamilton County DD Services also supports family-led efforts to build inclusive communities, offers family trainings like the Future is Now, conducts outreach to underserved communities, and engages with families through critical times and life stages.

“I want to let all families know that we are here to support them,” said Sean Bostic, HCDDS family engagement coordinator. “We may not have all of the answers, but we can go on the journey with families.”

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I want to let all families know that we are here to support them.

Sean Bostic, family engagement coordinator