Carolyn, Barb, and Pamela Ryan Braun June 12, 2018

Carolyn, Barb, and Pamela

Carolyn and Pamela have known each other for forty years. They met when Pamela worked as a staff member at Carolyn’s group home. Not long after they got to know one another, Carolyn decided to move out of the group home and in with Pamela.

Barb joined Carolyn and Pamela a few years later. It was only supposed to be a temporary place, but after three days Barb said she didn’t want to leave. Barb has now shared a home with Pamela and Carolyn for more than fifteen years. Barb and Pamela (an OVRS Shared Living Provider) bonded instantly, because they’re both artists. Every Wednesday evening, they host a gathering with friends who are also artists and collectors.
Since living with Pamela, Carolyn and Barb’s friend circles have grown immensely. Barb, Pamela and Carolyn all enjoy traveling and have gone to several destinations together such as New York City, New Orleans and a trip out west.