Celebrating Board Members Nestor & Rene sarah December 15, 2022

Celebrating Board Members Nestor & Rene

On Tuesday, we celebrated Nestor Melnyk and Rene Eisele for their time on our Board. ⠀

“I know we are a better, stronger organization because of the time, energy, and effort Nestor and Rene have given our board over the years. We’re thankful for their contributions to our mission and will miss them on our Board,” said Superintendent Leia Snyder.

Nestor has been on our board since 2011, and Rene has served since 2015. Thank you both for your service!

A man and two women standing. Woman in center is holding two plaques with photos of decorated guitars. The man, on the left, and woman on the right, are holding the guitars pictured on the plaques. Everyone is smiling at the camera.