Celebrating Inclusion Ryan Braun July 16, 2021

Celebrating Inclusion

For Disability Pride Month, we partnered with the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library to talk about accessibility improvements to the Deer Park branch.

We wrote a guest blog post for the Library discussing the importance of the Americans with Disabilities Act and what it means for community inclusion.

HCDDS is thrilled that the Building the Next Generation Library plan goes far beyond simple compliance with the ADA. Through their thoughtful approach, the Library has engaged the entire community, including people with disabilities, to listen and to understand their needs and their concerns. As a result, this plan features important design aspects that promote accessibility and inclusion, including sensory spaces, easy mobility, and more.

“Having accessibility and inclusion means the world to me and so many people with disabilities because they make sure we’re included and that we’re allowed to live our lives as freely and as we choose,” said Michael Denlinger, an advocate, and current chair of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

Hear more from Denlinger, Deer Park Branch Manager Natalie Fields, and library customers Emily Funk and Amy Leever on why this branch’s improvements are going to help the Library better serve customers of all abilities in the video on this page.