Delightful Desserts sarah December 28, 2023

Delightful Desserts

Business Boom: Entrepreneurs with disabilities follow their passions to profits.

By Lisa Danford

“She believed she could, so she did” is Maggie Neumann’s mantra. The 25-year-old always loved baking and now owns Maggie’s Marvelous Mini-Cheesecakes. Her customers love the key lime flavor, but her favorites are chocolate peanut butter and mocha.  

Neumann has spina bifida and dreamed of working in a bakery. “Most bakeries aren’t wheelchair accessible so I did not know if I would ever be able to do that,” she said.  

Neumann liked making brownies but started experimenting with baking in muffin tins during the pandemic. One of those experiments would become her signature item – a mini cheesecake. A former teacher tried her cheesecakes and loved them so much, she placed an order for a baby shower and Neumann’s dream became a reality.  

Neumann and her mom, Michelle, launched the business in June 2020. From their home, equipped with a wheelchair-accessible counter, they’ve made more than 40,000 mini-cheesecakes. “It’s gone better than we ever thought it would,” Michelle said. “We divide up the tasks. She’ll work on crusts and whipped cream on one station, and I’ll make the batter on another station.”  

Maggie’s Marvelous Mini-Cheesecakes has eight standard flavors, as well as rotating monthly and seasonal flavors like peppermint bark for winter. They take custom orders and sell cheesecakes at local coffee shop Just Brew.  

Keeping up with orders, especially during the holidays, is challenging, but Neumann loves interacting with customers and keeping track of expenses on spreadsheets.  

They recently launched a website, started hiring interns who also have disabilities, and donate 20% of their sales to nonprofits. “I’m really proud of what I have been able to do,” Neumann said. “It keeps me motivated—always believe you can do more than you think you can.”  

Find art, cards, cheesecakes, bandanas and more at Just Brew in Silverton, 6940 Plainfield Road.  

A woman wearing a pink shirt that reads "Maggie's Marvelous Mini Cheesecakes" on it is seated in a wheelchair in her wheelchair-accessible kitchen where she works on her cheesecakes.
A collage of two photos of the same woman as she prepares mini cheesecakes in her wheelchair-accessible kitchen.
Maggie Neumann working on cheesecakes in her wheelchair-accessible kitchen.
A collage of two photos. The left photo shows a young woman wearing a pink shirt with the logo of her mini-cheesecake company on it, seated in her wheelchair outdoors with green grass. The right photo shows a display of a variety of mini-cheesecakes on a table with pink roses in a vase in the center.
A tray filled with signature flavors from Maggie's Marvelous Mini Cheesecakes. She regularly has orders for parties, banquets and other events.All photos provided.