EI Transition Ryan Braun December 1, 2021

EI Transition

Early Intervention is a critical service that helps many babies and toddlers thrive. Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services is in the process of taking over the service coordination component of Early Intervention (EI) from Lighthouse Youth & Family Services.

Currently, HCDDS staff provide a variety of Early Intervention services for children and families, while Lighthouse staff provide service coordination. Under this model, we have delivered quality supports to children and families for many years. Ohio’s EI system has undergone changes in the past several years and additional developments are on the way that align the program more closely to Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities oversight and initiatives.

By the end of the year, we anticipate moving all administration of Early Intervention programs to HCDDS. Lighthouse Youth & Family Services is a strong partner and because of our close collaboration, we anticipate no disruption to services. Hamilton County DD Services expects to add about 15 positions to facilitate this transition and ensure children and families will continue to be able to access needed services without interruption.

Moving forward, our long-time partnership with Lighthouse Youth & Family Services will allow us to build on our work together in other areas that can best serve our community.

If you have questions about this transition, reach out to your Early Intervention primary service provider. To learn more about Early Intervention, click here.

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