Eloise Angela Davis March 15, 2018


Eloise and Marshea have lived together since November 2017, but they’ve known each other for over 15 years. They first met when Eloise was riding Metro’s Access bus and Marshea was a driver. Later, Marshea worked at the group home where Eloise lived. During that time, Eloise and Marshea enjoyed doing things together, such as going on vacations, shopping, and dining out. Because they had known each other so long and got along well, they decided to explore Shared Living.

They now share a single family home in a quiet residential neighborhood. Eloise enjoys having more dedicated time with Marshea. They continue to do things together including taking vacations, dining out, and attending Marshea’s family reunions. By living together, Eloise has become part of Marshea’s extended family and has a larger support network of friends and family than ever before.