Employment Navigation Ryan Braun October 17, 2019

Employment Navigation

hio’s Employment First Initiative raises expectations for people with developmental disabilities to find and keep a job in the community.

Hamilton County DD Services’ Employment Navigation team works with people we support to explore career options that fit their unique skills and interests. We also partner with local businesses, providers and other agencies to assist job seekers throughout every step of the process so they can reach their employment goals.

Jeff Everett, who has Down syndrome, worked with HCDDS Employment Navigation Supervisor Nathan Beck to find a job when he moved from Chicago to Cincinnati in 2016. “Nathan became involved with Jeff, taking him to places around Harrison and went to a few businesses that had no reservations about hiring people with disabilities,” said Sue Everett, Jeff’s mom.

“Once Jeff decided he wanted to work, it was full steam ahead. He was able to get a job before [Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities] could meet with him and open his case.”

In 2018, we provided employment support to 609 people.

Along with support and funding, our employment navigators help find solutions to potential barriers such as the job application process, transportation, accessibility, and accommodations to help people work in the community.

Learn more at hamiltondds.org/employment