Why Preventing Falls is Important lisadanford November 3, 2022

Why Preventing Falls is Important

Fall Prevention Awareness

The number of people with developmental disabilities being injured in falls is rising in Hamilton County. The HCDDS Major Unusual Incident and Prevention team reports that 63% of significant injury major unusual incidents (MUIs) between January and July 2022 were caused by falls.

You, your family members and the people you support can stay safe by recognizing common hazards including weather and outdoor conditions; home hazards; chronic health conditions such as seizures and use of multiple medications; poorly fitting shoes or clothes; and more.

Many people with disabilities, especially those who are older than 65, are at high risk for falls. About half of all significant injury MUIs in Ohio are due to falls, which can cause broken bones, traumatic brain injuries or other injuries.  

A young person with a cast on their arm
Common causes of falls include:
  • Going down a hill
  • Area rugs getting caught on a walker
  • Wet bathroom floor from shower/stepping out of the tub
  • Going up and down steps and not holding a handrail
  • Gait issues for many reasons, such as bad knees, taking off harness or running too fast
  • Shoes that don’t fit
  • Results from a seizure
  • Not wanting to wear glasses