Fun Activities lisadanford November 2, 2022

Fun Activities

Fall Prevention Awareness

Learning about potential hazards and how to keep yourself safe from falls doesn’t have to be boring! Check out our list of fun activities like bingo, spot the hazard picture search, and more.

  • Bingo: This printable bingo card includes 24 potential fall hazards. The calling cards have details about why each hazard is a risk or how it can help you prevent injuries from falling. Great for visual learners!
  • Stickers: We created stickers to give to people who participate in fall prevention activities. You can find the PDF here for printing on Avery 1 2/3” circle (template 5293).
  • Exercises: This list includes simple exercises that can help improve your balance or strength
  • Spot-the-Hazard games: Picture searches from the National Safety Council to help you identify potential hazards at home, in the community, and in other places. Download them here. You can also play this interactive computer game.
  • Safety Cartoons: Find a variety of safety cartoons here, or watch a fun video about fall prevention below.


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