When possible, our agency funds services through federal Medicaid Waivers. There are three different types of waivers—Individual Options (I/O), Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF Waiver) and Level One Waiver—each with different funding levels and requirements. All of them require HCDDS to pay about 40 percent of a service’s cost while Medicaid pays the remaining 60 percent. Learn more about the different types of waivers, please visit the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website.

Funding services this way allows us to make the most of our local levy dollars and serve as many people as possible within a limited budget. When someone receives a waiver, we’re making a lifetime commitment to support that person’s needs.

Hamilton County DD Services has a waiting list for all waivers. This means many people want the service and you may have to wait before receiving the service. People on the waiting list are served in the order they were placed on the list. Individuals who meet specific criteria for priority categories may receive services sooner.

Our waiting list team has reached out to each person waiting for a waiver to assess their immediate needs and make referrals for alternative supports, including internal referrals to the transition, employment, and community integration teams. Additionally, we’ve collaborated with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to ensure that the state and local waiting lists mirror each other.

Please talk to your Service and Support Administrator (SSA) for questions about your situation. You may also contact someone in the Office of Medicaid, Contracts and SSA for general information about waivers or contact someone in the Office of Inclusion and Collaboration for details on our waiting list.