Funding Services Ryan Braun July 21, 2019

Funding Services

Hamilton County DD Services receives about 78 percent of our revenue from a property tax levy. When possible, we fund services using federal Medicaid waivers, which efficiently use tax levy dollars to secure more than $92 million of federal funding that’s reinvested in our local economy.

In 2018, more than 7,836 people received services from HCDDS.

There are three different types of DD waivers, each with different funding levels and requirements. All of them require HCDDS to pay about 40 percent of a service’s cost while Medicaid pays the remaining 60 percent. 

“My Level One waiver provides transportation, job support and allows me to attend a day program,” said Andy Schwertman, who receives services from HCDDS.

Funding services this way allows us to make the most of local tax levy dollars and serve as many people as possible within a limited budget.

Our team of funding specialists ensures providers receive payment for services they provide to people HCDDS supports. This team also works with service and support administrators (SSAs), independent or agency providers, and others on a person’s team to prevent service interruption.

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