Service & Support Administrators

A service and support administrator (SSA) is the primary point of coordination for individuals who are determined eligible through the HCDDS Introduction and Eligibility team (I&E). If you want an SSA, contact our I&E team to discuss your needs and how those needs can be met. An SSA will help you explore person-centered supports based on your unique needs and funding sources.

Our SSAs get to know each person and learn what he or she wants or needs for a good life, respecting the individual choices of that person and their support team. SSAs connect people to provider agencies, community resources, and funding sources to achieve their life goals. Service and support administrators assist with self-advocacy and, when needed, advocate on behalf of that person. They are assigned based on the needs of the person and other considerations.

If you receive waiver services from our agency, you are required to work with an SSA. It is important you and your family understand available options and seek the support of an SSA, who can connect you to resources. Click here to learn more about the role of an SSA.