Hang Art Like A Pro sarah December 28, 2022

Hang Art Like A Pro


By Amy Hayden

With rooms filled with paintings, sculptures and more, the Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM) is a feast for the eyes. Are you inspired by the museum galleries and looking to brighten your space with more art? Joe Civitello, chief preparator in design and installation at CAM, has tips to create gallery-worthy walls at home.

Get the Right Tools

You don’t need fancy tools, and you shouldn’t be intimidated by hanging art! “All you really need is a hammer, nails or screws, and a drill,” Civitello says. “A level also helps to make sure it’s straight on the wall.”

Keep it Clean

One of Civitello’s favorite tricks, and one they use often at CAM, is using a piece of paper to catch dust. Fold a piece of paper in half and tape one side to the wall under where you are going to drill. The folded paper will catch the dust and debris so it doesn’t get all over your floor or furniture.

Find Your Style

Civitello says you have a lot of options when it comes to finding art for your home. If you see something you like in a store, you could try to replicate it at home. “I always think it’s cool to have your own mark,” he says. “You can also ask friends or other people you know to create something for you. Then you’ll think of them when you look at their art on the wall!”

Pick A Place

At the Cincinnati Art Museum, the middle of each artwork hangs 58 inches above the ground to make it consistent. But homes are rarely a blank canvas. You might hang art one foot above your couch, or it might be off center because of a lamp or television. But Civitello says that’s OK!

“If you’re stacking art, and they’re different sizes, it’s nice to center everything so they line up,” he says. “You get to be your own curator. Anything you think looks good in your house can work.”

Joe Civitello graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2008. He’s worked at several local art institutions, including the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Center, Taft Museum, and the American Sign Museum.

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