High-Tech Home sarah June 21, 2022

High-Tech Home


By Robert Shuemak

The Smart Home Discovery Place in Columbus showcases accessible technologies for all people with disabilities. Located on The Ohio State University campus, it features assistive technology for your kitchen, bedroom and more to increase independent living skills. Some of the featured technology includes:

  • The Ring doorbell system is compatible with the Alexa personal assistant. It uses a camera to notify you or can give you audio prompts when someone is at the door.
  • Appliances that can be used independently like the Amazon Smart Oven, a multi-function cooking device. It recognizes voice commands and can scan barcodes to set cooking instructions on the microwave.
  • Smart accessories like wall plugs, light switches, and thermostats.
  • Medication reminders can notify you when it is time to take your medicine. It also will save the information on the date and time when the medication is dispensed.

Heather Sturgill has been using smart technology in her Northside home for years. Sturgill, who owns the consulting company Jovis, found many off-the-shelf products that make her life easier.

She uses an induction cooktop, which keeps the surface cool even when it’s on. “It’s using a magnetic field to heat up what’s inside the pan, and not the cooktop itself,” Sturgill says.

To get in and out of her home, Sturgill uses an August door lock. It has a wireless keypad and she can also lock or unlock doors through a smartphone app.

“Technology can have a significant impact. I believe it provides a sense of security but also independence for the person who is using it,” she says. “Technology provides support without that ‘under the thumb’ feeling.”

Watch Heather demonstrate some of the tools and technology she uses in her home at youtube.com/HamiltonDDServices.


Schedule a free in-person or virtual tour of the Smart Home Discovery Place at nisonger.osu.edu/technology-project.

Man seated in chair and woman seated in wheelchair, indoors near a green plant, smiling at camera.