Housing, Remote Support, & Shared Living News

Housing, Remote Support, & Shared Living News Angela Davis March 17, 2022
  • Group of four people stand in front of a decorated tree indoors at the opening of Alice's House.
    New Parternship for Respite
    HCDDS partners with St. Joseph Home to operate Alice’s House, a respite center in Hamilton County.
  • Dakotah
    Dakotah lives on his own in an apartment in Mt. Healthy. On his journey, he learned the power of finding good neighbors and of being a good neighbor.
  • Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies
    This month we officially opened two new housing developments, a respite home in Spring Grove Village and an apartment building in Madisonville.
  • Digital Divide Solutions
    People with disabilities and have access to technology
  • New Housing Options
    HCDDS will host grand opening events in two projects
  • Leah and Lynne
    Leah Alexander rents an apartment in Oakley. She and her sister, Lynne Calloway, describe Leah's housing journey and share a tool they're using as they consider next steps.
  • The Kunick Sisters
    Sisters Linda and Debbie Kunick bought a home together many years ago. They share the financial responsibilities and support one another. Owning their own home together is a big part of their plan for a safe and secure future.
  • The Brown Family
    Jennifer Brown and her husband purchased a second home very near their own home. Their son, Richard, moved into the home over 10 years ago. He is well-connected in his neighborhood and enjoys living in his own place.
  • The Molloy Family
    Cindy and Mark Molloy, and their daughter, Shannon lived together in a single-family home for many years. Mark and Cindy recently purchased a two-family home in Clifton. They live in one unit and Shannon lives in the other.
  • The Hurst Family
    Lucinda Hurst recently purchased a second property with two units that are currently rented to tenants, using a traditional landlord-tenant arrangement. Lucinda and her husband hope that their son, Andy, will live in one of the units when he's older.
  • The Wenning Family
    The Wenning family purchased a house next to their own that they rent to their sons, one of whom has a disability.
  • The Dunford Family
    After living together in a single-family home for years, Julie and Mark Dunford purchased a townhouse for themselves, and the condo next door for their son, Alex, and their daughter, Michelle.
  • The Dunford Family: Using Technology
    The Dunford family uses off-the-shelf technology to stay in touch across their side-by-side housing units. These inexpensive devices bring peace of mind to everyone.
  • Heather’s House
    Heather Sturgill is a private contractor addressing barriers to community living. She owns a home in Northside. Heather uses an array of off-the-shelf technology to secure the entryways to her home, control the lighting, and manage her stovetop.
  • Inclusive Housing Resources
    Gina Gehm, Executive Director of Inclusive Housing Resources, describes three ways this organization helps people with disabilities and their families with housing.
  • Julia
    Julia loves the freedom that she gets by using remote support.
  • Tonya
    Remote support allows Tonya to have some independence and peace of mind.
  • Beth and Susie
    Beth and Susie are roommates, and for years they had staff providing on-site, on-call support.
  • Emmitt
    Emmitt, who goes by David, has a routine that gives him his sense of independence.
  • Mahalia
    Mahalia has always yearned for more independence.
  • Carolyn, Barb, and Pamela
    Since living with Pamela, Carolyn and Barb’s friend circles have grown immensely.
  • Eloise
    Eloise and Marshea have lived together since November 2017
  • Camille
    Camille receives services through a shared living arrangement.
  • Frank & Bryant
    Frank has been living with Lisa for 9 years, and Bryant joined them two years ago.
  • Victoria
    Victoria’s shared living experience helps her feel safe at home.
  • Eddie
    Eddie's SSA helped him explore living options and he found a great home with Lacey and Mike.