Information and resources as you begin your housing planning journey.

People with disabilities and their families have many things to consider when planning for housing that aligns with their vision of a good life and meets the family’s unique needs and interests. 


Commitment to affordable, accessible, and inclusive homes

Home Think Tank (HTT) was formed in 2007 by people with disabilities, their families, and friends who share a commitment to affordable, accessible, and inclusive homes. Hamilton County DD Services has hosted and provided staff support for HTT since its inception. Home Think Tank meets quarterly. Information on upcoming meetings can be found on the HCDDS Calendar. 


Information and Resources as Families Plan for Housing

In 2019, Home Think Tank created a Housing Options Guide, which includes information and resources for families to plan for housing. The Guide is an ongoing work, so the information is presented as a number of Google Doc files. Click the button below and begin with the START HERE file to learn how to use the Guide.

You can also view the residential options overview from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Latest Housing, Remote Support, and Shared Living News

Finding a safe place to live is a key component of a good life. Hamilton County DD Services collaborates with families, service and support administrators, providers, landlords and property owners to help people with developmental disabilities discover the best housing option for them.

“We try to match a person’s needs with what’s available in the community,” said Tennille Raines, HCDDS Housing Coordinator. “We also help bridge the gap between facility-based housing and community living.”

HCDDS works closely with partners like the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority and the Hamilton County Planning & Development Office to increase the number of affordable and accessible housing units in our area.

We also provide a variety of housing resources including Home Think Tank, which hosts roundtables, trainings and other events for families and people with disabilities to learn more about housing.

Lucinda Hurst said connections she made to other parents through Home Think Tank allowed her to be proactive when planning for her son’s future housing needs. “We met lots of really great people who helped me solidify what my plan could look like for Andy,” she said.

Learn more about housing options at hamiltondds.org/housing-guide.