Innovation & Quality Ryan Braun August 20, 2019

Innovation & Quality

Our Innovation & Quality team partners with certified providers in Hamilton County to ensure people with developmental disabilities have access to high-quality services and supports.

This outstanding network of service agencies is critical to our system of supporting people with DD. We empower providers to offer the highest possible quality of services through training, consultation and targeted support.

“We’ve worked closely with this team on several occasions. They were instrumental in helping us through the Ohio DODD review process, and they were open to an idea I had to address the staffing crisis within our field,” said Tamie Peel, chief executive officer of Creative Connections, LLC.

“As a provider agency, it’s really nice to feel as if I have a supportive partnership with HCDDS and look forward to continued collaborations in the future.”

Hamilton County DD Services’ Quality team also monitors trends and listens to concerns from our stakeholders to ensure the DD system in Hamilton County and Ohio evolves to meet the needs of the people and families we serve.

In 2018, we provided 232 medication administration reviews and 68 one-on-one consultations for providers.

With more than 800 certified providers in Hamilton County, families and people with DD are equipped to make an informed choice about which provider best meets their needs.

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