‘I am very independent’ lisadanford October 12, 2022

‘I am very independent’

Three days a week, you’ll find Jonny Garner at the All-For-One store on the Xavier University campus. He stocks seasonal clothing, mugs and other merchandise, and it’s a job he landed after completing Project SEARCH.

“The manager saw what a hard worker I am,” said Garner, 20. “What I like about the job is that it is calm and cool, and I have a lot more tasks. I didn’t feel respected at other jobs. Here, I get my needs met, and I am very independent—I even trained another employee.”

Garner said his mom’s support and encouragement has been vital to his success. He likes having money to pay for his needs, as well as extra cash to do fun things like attend the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Garner also has his driver’s license and is saving for a car.

“I love that the job has given Jonny the ability to shine and grow,” said his mom, Shwana. “I see him being more independent, and he really takes initiative on things I used to have to give him reminders for.”

Garner added that he wants to go to college and working on a campus has fueled that dream. 

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