Keep Your New Resolutions Ryan Braun December 3, 2021

Keep Your New Resolutions


By Lauren Jones

The best time to create new goals for yourself is after you have decided to make a change that is important to you. Many people make New Year’s resolutions in January, but you can make new goals any time of year. These tips can help you reach your goals and create new habits:

  • Choose something positive to start doing (like “choose fruits/vegetables for snacks”), instead of something negative to stop doing (like “stop choosing junk food for snacks”).
  • Break harder goals into smaller ones that will be easier to do every day.
  • Put up a note or picture of your goal. Hang it where you will see it and be inspired.
  • It can be fun to mark a calendar to keep track of progress. You can also plan healthy and affordable rewards for each day, week or month you meet your goal.
  • Tell your goal to someone who will encourage you, offer kind praise or friendly reminders. If you find someone who has the same goal, work together and encourage each other along the way!

It can take two or three months (or longer!) for goals to become habits. If you don’t meet your goal one day, be kind and patient with yourself. Tomorrow is a new day to try again!

Dr. Lauren Jones is a staff psychologist for Hamilton County DD Services.