Learn Life-saving Skills sarah March 20, 2024

Learn Life-saving Skills

MY LIFE MAGAZINE - Spring 2024
CPR and AED basics toolkit now available

By Jamie Miller 

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a simple skill that involves using chest compressions when someone’s heart has stopped beating. CPR helps circulate blood to the brain and other vital organs. 

Studies show that CPR can double, or even triple, the chances of survival in an emergency. Additionally, people who learn this skill feel empowered. Knowing CPR decreases anxiety and increases confidence during emergencies. And the best part is that anyone can learn CPR skills, including those with disabilities. 

According to the American Heart Association Training Center, “Thankfully, all it takes to save a life using CPR is a willingness to learn and an instructor who is willing to help students adapt to any challenges that they may face.” 

Last year, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services collaborated with Walk of Joy, Project SEARCH at Cincinnati Children’s, and The Attainment Company to develop and pilot a CPR + AED Basics Toolkit. The toolkit is an introduction to CPR for people with various abilities. 

It reinforces CPR skills through interactive practice and gameplay. People from Halom House, Walk of Joy, and Active Day attended classes to learn the basics of CPR and using an AED. Participants learned everyone has a role in initiating and performing CPR. Many said they felt less anxious about their ability to help in an emergency. Some participants even expressed a desire to pursue official CPR certification! 

A woman standing in a classroom holding a book with a board game on a table which are about CPR and AED Basics.
Jamie Miller is a Quality Nurse Consultant for Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.

Learn more about the CPR and AED Basics Toolkit at AttainmentCompany.com. Walk of Joy will periodically offer an “Introduction to CPR course for people with disabilities. Contact Jessica Watanabe, Jessica@WalkOfJoy.org, for details.