My Voice sarah December 28, 2022

My Voice


Price Hill | 42 years old

I have my driver’s license and work for MTM transit. I’m most proud of driving and shuttling the kids to their home, school or daycare. I applied to the job on my own to prove to myself that I could do it. I’ve come a long way at MTM Transit. I’m with a good group of people, and it’s growing.


Forest Park | 28 years old

I seed, transplant and harvest lettuce at O2 Urban Farms. I’m also a team lead. We grow multiple varieties of lettuce, and we grow basil. We sell it to restaurants like Just Brew and Ivory House, and stores like Madison’s at Findlay Market and Humbert’s Meats. I like it because it brings people together and the community can get fresh-grown lettuce. I’m also a great swimmer and am part of the Special Olympics.


Price Hill | 30 years old

I’m proud of following my dream to become a baker. When I was younger, I watched food shows, and when I watched people make pastries, I fell in love with it. My bakery is Be Charmed Bakery, and I started it 10 years ago. It makes me feel great and happy when I bake for people. When they taste it and say it’s good, it feels wonderful.

A man standing outdoors wearing a blue jacket with a blue work polo showing thumbs up and smiling at the camera. Brick building and green bushes are behind him.
Two photos side-by-side. Left photo is a woman with red hair, red shirt and glasses smiling at the camera while working on vegetables indoors. Right photo is a man outdoors wearing a plaidd short-sleeve button-up shirt with a light teal shirt under, holding a blue plate with various desserts.