New Voter ID Laws lisadanford May 10, 2023

New Voter ID Laws

By Diana Mairose

A new Ohio law requires voters present photo identification when voting in person. This might impact your ability to vote in person on Election Day.

An acceptable photo ID can include:

  • An Ohio Driver’s License or a State ID Card. You can also use a temporary ID issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
  • A US Passport or a Passport Card
  • A US Military ID Card, Ohio National Guard ID Card, or a US Department of Veterans Affairs ID Card

This new law means other forms of ID you may have used before are no longer acceptable for in-person voting. These include a utility bill or bank statement, a social security card, or official mail from the Board of Elections.

To help people get a photo ID for voting, the BMV is waiving the cost of getting a new ID. If you do not present an acceptable ID, you will have to cast a provisional ballot. Learn more on the Hamilton County Board of Elections website.

You can go to an Ohio BMV to get a photo ID. Locations in Hamilton County are listed below. Find other BMV locations here.

  • 4566 Montgomery Road, Suite 23, Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
  • 3218 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239
  • 138 E. Court St, Room 100, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
  • 5694 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
  • 7743 Five Mile Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
  • 3372 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
  • 3461 Warsaw Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45205
  • 10553-B Harrison Avenue, Harrison, Ohio 45030
  • 9997 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, Ohio 45242
  • 10948 Hamilton Avenue, Seven Hills, Ohio 45231
  • 11177 Reading Road, Suite 203, Sharonville, Ohio 45241
Three people sit around a table. They are smiling, and there are printed papers on the table in front of the person in the middle.

Pictured above: HCDDS Advocacy Support Adviser Diana Mairose, center, recently met with Sherry Poland, Director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections, and Alexander Linser, Deputy Director of Elections, to talk about voting accessibility for people with disabilities.