News & Notes sarah June 21, 2022

News & Notes


Artists from Visionaries + Voices have their work featured on Bounty paper towels. This campaign brings nationwide attention to their art and spotlights their talents.

When the leader of the Bounty design team first visited V+V’s Visionarium for an art class, right away she saw the opportunity to partner as a way to advocate for artists of all abilities.

The Bounty Prints Inclusive Artists Collection features designs by eight artists from V+V’s two locations in Northside and Tri-County. Artists include Leah Davis, Tyler Spohn, Elmer H., Ruth Burton, Neil Dignan, Catherine Whited, Kevin White and Michael Bartels.

You can find these special edition Bounty towels through September at Meijer, Kroger, and Sam’s Club.

Visionaries + Voices was established in 2003. It provides exhibition opportunities, studio space, supplies, and support to more than 125 visual artists with disabilities. In addition, V+V artists actively contribute to the Cincinnati arts community through creative, educational, and strategic partnerships with local and regional artists, schools, and business leaders.

Learn more about the project at

Photo by Nick Norman


Snapchat has a new filter called Sign with Snap that teaches users American Sign Language (ASL). Deaf and hearing-impaired Snapchat staff helped develop the concept and product.

The filter uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to recognize and translate American Sign Language. It teaches users how to fingerspell their name and sign other common words like ‘love,’ ‘hug,’ and ‘smile.’

The partnership may help break down the communication gap between those who speak with their voices and those who use ASL. The filter is available now on both iOS and Android versions of the Snapchat app.


Have you ever needed a tool or piece of equipment to complete a project, but you didn’t want to buy it to only use once? The Queen City Thingery, created by Imago, has gardening and landscaping tools, carpentry tools, and outdoor recreational items that you can borrow like a regular library.

Some items, such as garden gloves and shovels, are free for members to borrow. Others, such as camping supplies, have small fees, starting as low as $0.20, to help cover expenses and wear and tear. You can borrow items for two weeks or extended periods if not reserved by another borrower.

Membership is $35 per year, with low-income, student and senior discounts available. See what items are available at

V+V artists whose work is featured on Bounty paper towels show one of the designs at a launch party in May.