News & Notes sarah December 28, 2022

News & Notes

New Partnership, New Opportunity

Neighbors in Action is now fully independent! This local group is led by advocates with developmental disabilities. On Nov. 18, Neighbors in Action members and Hamilton County DD Services (HCDDS) leaders signed an agreement reflecting this new partnership.
“It means having a direct say in advocacy here in Hamilton County,” said Neighbors in Action leader James Harley. “It means a lot.”
The agreement represents a new vision and commitment that gives people with developmental disabilities a voice in Hamilton County.
Neighbors in Action will set its own advocacy agenda, elect officers, and pursue opportunities. It also will develop a new generation of empowered advocates.
The group is for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. It’s a place for all to be welcomed, known and heard.

Emergency Alerts 

Alert Hamilton County helps residents be prepared and stay safe. This mass communication system warns residents of emergencies through emails, texts, or calls. You can sign up for free to receive severe weather alerts or other warnings, like evacuation or shelter-in-place orders.
Alert Hamilton County also pairs with Smart911, which gives emergency responders potentially life-saving personal information. With Smart911, you can share relevant medical conditions, names of your family members or pets, and vehicle information.
Any details you share with Smart911 are confidential. Dispatchers and first responders only receive your details in an emergency. Create a safety profile, add your information and more at

New, More Flexible Transportation

MetroNow! is a new service that provides flexible transportation. It will start in Springdale and Northgate/Mt. Healthy in early 2023. These new options include:

  • Flex Route: A vehicle with a schedule and a series of defined stops. It can serve off-route locations with requests in advance.
  • Point-to-Point: Like an Uber or Lyft, it provides pick-up and drop-off. Schedule requests in advance with a phone call or through an app.
  • First/Last Mile Connector: Passengers are picked up at any location within the MetroNow! area. Then, they are taken to fixed-route bus stops or other places within the service zone.

MetroNow! is part of Cincinnati Metro’s larger transportation improvement plan to better connect the community. Learn more at

Seven indivuals gathered in a conference room to celebrate their advocacy group becoming independent. Four members are seated at the table and three individuals are standing behind them.