Ohio ISP Update sarah July 19, 2022

Ohio ISP Update

This year, Ohio is launching a state-wide individual service plan called the OhioISP, built on the same principles as Charting the LifeCourse. The OhioISP standardizes plans across the state and shapes planning around the needs of the person receiving services by allowing them to lead the process, set their own goals for life, and make their own choices.

In Hamilton County, the OhioISP will replace the My Plan, the individual service plan currently being used locally. Your service and support administrator (SSA) will keep you updated on the process of transitioning to the OhioISP.

A standardized plan means no matter where you live in Ohio, your ISP will use the same format. If you move to a different county, you won’t need to learn a different planning process. In fact, your OhioISP will transfer with you. Using the same plan will also help SSAs and providers across the state better collaborate, share best practices, and improve services for people with disabilities.

The OhioISP also will be accessible to teams throughout Ohio, thanks to a new online platform created by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). This system will allow providers to easily access a person’s assessments and plans so they can find the information they need about the people they support.

The new person-centered OhioISP is rolling out across the state this year. SSAs are receiving training on assessments and IT teams are completing the required systems. You can find more information about the OhioISP, including videos, sample plans, FAQs, resources and more on DODD’s website

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