Poetry & Art sarah May 19, 2022

Poetry & Art

Nina Matthews-Hull was always close to her grandma Ginny. They’d read the Bible together, talk, and support each other through life’s challenges. In high school, during a particularly difficult time, Matthews-Hull, now 41, turned to art, which became a lifelong passion. “I’ve got to paint or I just go crazy,” she said.

Ginny died in 2011 and left her book of poems to her granddaughter, which inspired the book, “One God.” Each poem is accompanied by one of Matthews-Hull’s original paintings, which are often large and colorful, and adorn the walls of her Camp Washington home.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I want to be an author and an artist. I included the poems I like the most and that fit with the statement I wanted to make,” she said. “My grandma wrote beautiful poetry and continues to inspire me.”

Matthews-Hull self-published “One God” with help from her aunt, members of her church, and her team at Hamilton County DD Services. It’s available online.

“Nina’s efforts to overcome so many life obstacles have been enormous,” said Eric Metzger, a director at HCDDS.  “She has been relentless in her courage, focus, hard work, and passion to get this book out to people. Nina is genuinely sure it will really help others.”

In addition to her art, Matthews-Hull is working on her social work degree and expects to complete the Cincinnati State program in summer 2023. She’d also love to use proceeds from her book to help other people with disabilities. “God is really wonderful to me,” she said.

Young woman wearing Cincinnati Bengals hooded sweatshirt sitting down in her home. Her artwork with bold colors fill the walls behind her.