Tips to Prevent Falls lisadanford November 3, 2022

Tips to Prevent Falls

Fall Prevention Awareness

Having a developmental disability may put you at a greater risk for falls. You might also be at risk of falling as you get older. Falls can sometimes cause significant injuries like hitting your head or breaking a bone.

Keep yourself from getting hurt and falling by paying attention to your home, health and habits. Talk to your support team about staying safe.


Check each room of your house for tripping hazards such as cords, loose rugs, or clutter on the floor. Make sure your stairways have a handrail and enough light. Clean up spills right away.


Some medicines may make you dizzy or tired, which might make you likely to fall. Have your vision checked regularly to see clearly. You can also make healthy choices about food and exercise.


Strong leg muscles can improve your balance. Make sure your shoes and clothes fit well, so you don’t trip. Keep one hand free while carrying items so you can hold onto a railing for support.

You can find more resources in the National Council on Aging toolkit or the Ohio Department of Aging’s Steady U initiative.

The above tips are adapted from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities’ Health & Welfare Alerts. Download a printable fall prevention handout here.


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