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Throughout the pandemic we have shared resources and information with providers. These historical documents have been compiled in a single Dropbox folder. You can click here to access the folder.

Provider Resources

Our Quality and Performance team strives to ensure that our agency and our certified providers operate within the requirements of Medicaid and DODD to continue to provide high-quality services and supports to people with developmental disabilities in Hamilton County. The outstanding network of providers in Hamilton County forms the backbone of our system for supporting people with developmental disabilities.

We monitor trends and listen to concerns from our stakeholders to ensure that the DD system in Hamilton County and in Ohio evolves to meet the needs of the people and families we serve.

We offer providers comprehensive support so they’re prepared for state and countywide changes and equipped to be successful providers in Hamilton County. To empower providers, we coordinate regular trainings, host bimonthly provider meetings, share newsletters, and offer direct consultation.

Using this page, providers can find forms, documents, information, and other important resources. If you can’t find the form or information you need, contact Provider Support at providersupport@hamiltondds.org or (513) 559-6736.


Provider Certification
Information about how to begin or continue your career as an independent or agency provider
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Documents and resources to ensure you/your agency is compliant with DODD and Medicaid requirements
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Forms to request an authorization or revision and resources to help you understand the billing process
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Medication Administration
Provider requirements to administer medication and documentation forms
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MUI and UI reporting requirements, forms, and prevention plans
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Community Resources
Information and resources to equip providers to deliver integration services
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Links to past provider newsletters, memos, and provider forums
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Details additional trainings offered by HCDDS for independent and agency providers
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Remote Support
Learn more about remote support
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