Reaching Milestones lisadanford May 26, 2022

Reaching Milestones

We had a wonderful opportunity to share how Early Intervention can help young children thrive.

“My team was always willing to figure out together what Julia needed,” says Jessica Erskine, whose daughter has received EI services since she was an infant. “Early on, we talk so much as parents about milestones, but if we don’t know how to help them reach those, or if we’re wondering if they are behind, you’re only making it harder if you don’t reach out.”

Superintendent Leia Snyder notes our Early Intervention team can help with everything from communication and walking to interacting with other children and other developmental milestones. “We want to empower families.”

Learn more about how HCDDS empowers families and children in this story by Adrian Whitsett from WCPO.

A mom sits on the couch behind her daughter, a toddler with red hair. There is a camera and television reporter opposite of them.