School-Age Services Ryan Braun September 23, 2019

School-Age Services

Hamilton County DD Services supports many school-age children in their local public school districts. We also operate two schools for students with significant needs.

Our Itinerant Support team shares recommendations to better support children with moderate to intensive needs in their community school. This support includes classroom organization, a strength-based curriculum, crisis prevention and more.

The HCDDS schools, Bobbie B. Fairfax School in Madisonville and Margaret B. Rost School in Green Township, offer individualized instruction focusing on functional academics, communication and socialization skills. Teachers and specialists also assist students with practical tasks for living and working in the community.

“Hamilton County DD Services’ schools have caring, dedicated professionals who strive to reach every single student in a deeply meaningful way,” said Duerk Zinn, the director of school programs. “We provide a critical safety net to numerous students and families in need of intensive supports. Our staff go above and beyond to meet our students’ needs not only while in school but at home and in the community as well.”    

For students ages 14 or older, Hamilton County DD Services’ transition consultants provide personalized resources and information to guide students toward future success. They focus on post-secondary goals with the student’s interests and needs in mind to ease the transition to adulthood. In 2018, 455 students in Hamilton County received transition services.

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