Hamilton County DD Services supports thousands of adults in their communities.

We work with people to find opportunities to live an inclusive life, whether that means being part of their neighborhood, working at a local business or attending a day program. Our teams identify attributes that make each person unique, including skills, relationships and a vision for the future. By collaborating with more than 1,000 certified service providers, we’re able to support people to live a life that is important and meaningful to them, on their own terms.


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Hamilton County DD Services works with local businesses and agencies like Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and Ohio Means Jobs to help people discover opportunities and navigate the path to employment. Our agency and vocational service providers assist job seekers throughout every step of the process, so each person can develop the necessary skills to become a valued employee.

Along with support and funding, we help find solutions to potential barriers such as the job application process, transportation, accessibility and accommodations to help people work in the community. When businesses hire people with disabilities, they gain dependable, engaged, highly motivated and productive employees who are capable in a wide range of jobs. Our agency and partners have helped individuals secure jobs in retail, medical, food service, manufacturing and a variety of other industries. 
Hamilton County DD Services is committed to the success of each person we serve.

Contact Employment Coordinator Nathan Beck, (513) 559-6852 or, to learn more. 

A supportive community is critical to a good life for all age groups, from babies to seniors. Hamilton County DD Services believes families play a key role in creating a vision for the best life for their family members with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to create real opportunities to regularly engage with family and friends, contribute to and be part of the community, get a job and an education, and live a life reflective of a person’s individual choices. Learn more about inclusion and community support here.

A service and support administrator (SSA) is the primary point of coordination for people receiving services through HCDDS. SSAs are available for adults and children. Our SSAs get to know each person and learn what they want or needs for a good life, respecting that person’s choices and their support team. SSAs connect people to provider agencies, community resources, and funding sources to achieve their life goals. An SSA will help you explore person-centered supports based on your unique needs and funding sources. Click here to learn more about the role of an SSA. If you want an SSA, contact our I&E team to discuss your needs and how those needs can be met.

For those who do not want or need the frequent service of an SSA, we offer Support Navigators. Support Navigators work with people who receive minimal or no services, but who want to maintain an assigned contact should their needs change in the future. Support Navigators will reach out to people on their caseloads regularly to check in and ensure a person’s needs are being met.

When possible, HCDDS funds services for people with disabilities using federal Medicaid Waivers. There are three different types of waivers—Individual Options (I/O), Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF Waiver) and Level One Waiver—each with different funding levels and requirements. Benefits Representative at HCDDS help people we support obtain and maintain public benefits such as food assistance and Medicaid. This could include servings as your Medicaid authorized representative or simply helping you analyze and navigate the public benefits system. Learn more about Funding and Benefits here.

Behavior Support

Our behavior support team helps prevent incidents by focusing on both real and perceived safety. Using person-centered practices, behavior support seeks to understand the path a person has traveled in life, their resiliency skills, and their personal history. Developing this comprehensive picture of a person’s unique life drives the support strategies to keep that person safe. Contact your SSA to learn more.

Family Support Services Program

The Family Support Services Program is designed to keep families together. Eligibility is determined through your County Board of DD, though the program is administered by the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments (SWOCOG). Contact Michelle Hoying with questions about Family Support Services:

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