Developmental disabilities begin before the age of 22 and include lifelong intellectual or physical disabilities. The steps below outline the process of qualifying for services.

  1. Call (513) 559-6990 and ask for the Introduction and Eligibility (I&E) Department. If the person is younger than 3, contact Help Me Grow at (513) 434-3322. 

  2. Provide Proof of Disability. The most recent school, medical, and psychological reports may include proof a person has a disability. Families are asked to gather these records. Guardians will need to provide Probate Court records showing their proof of appointment.

  3. Visit and Interview. If the records confirm a disability, the I&E Department will send an Eligibility Specialist to meet you or your family member age 6 and older who is seeking services. They will listen and ask questions.

    State rules require Introduction and Eligibility staff to determine if your family member has limitations in several life skill areas, depending on age. Life skill areas include mobility, communication, learning, self-care, self-direction, independent living and economic self-sufficiency.

    Eligibility is redetermined at ages 3, 6 and 16. This means you or your family member might not always be eligible for services. You have the right to appeal if you do not agree with the results of the eligibility review. 

  4. Eligible or not eligible. Our goal is to complete the process in 30 days, but this depends on how quickly the family provides records confirming a developmental disability. You will receive a letter in the mail stating if your family member can receive services or not.

    If eligible, services can begin. If not, staff will help you find other options.

If you or a loved one is over age 60 and need help living safely and independently at home, you may be eligible for Council on Aging Services. If you would like to connect to COA, click here or call (513) 721-1025.