Funding and Benefits

Hamilton County DD Services works with each person we serve to understand their life and their goals.

We then help them navigate the available funding options.


Our Funding and Benefits team is here to support you

When possible, Hamilton County DD Services fund services using federal Medicaid Waivers, which efficiently use tax levy dollars to secure more than $92 million of federal funding that’s reinvested in our local economy. There are three different types of waivers—Individual Options (I/O), Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF Waiver) and Level One Waiver—each with different funding levels and requirements. All of them require HCDDS to pay about 40 percent of a service’s cost while Medicaid pays the remaining 60 percent. Learn more about the different types of waivers, please visit the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website. Funding services this way allows us to make the most of our local levy dollars and serve as many people as possible within a limited budget. When someone receives a waiver, we’re making a lifetime commitment to support that person’s needs. Please talk to your Service and Support Administrator (SSA) for questions about your situation. You may also contact someone in the Office of Medicaid, Contracts and SSA for general information about waivers or contact the Introduction and Eligibility team to get started with services from HCDDS.

Benefits Representative at HCDDS help people we support obtain and maintain public benefits such as food assistance and Medicaid. For those we serve who do not live in a household where others receive public assistance, we are available to act as the Medicaid Authorized Representative for the person’s public benefits. This means that our staff completes the initial application as well as the required annual re-determination for the benefits. Our team can assist with gathering required documentation and coordinate with the local Ohio Department of Job and Family services to ensure successful processing of the application/renewal.  

Benefit Representatives are also available to consult with people we serve to help them navigate the public benefits system. This might include assisting with applying for and maintaining Social Security Benefits, analyzing what benefits are available, and enrolling in programs such as the Medicaid Buy in for Workers with Disabilities that allow them to earn money and continue their public benefits.

To find out more about Benefits Representatives contact your SSA.


If you don’t yet receive services, learn more about the eligibility process and how you can get started.